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The Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium (CHPHC) was formed in an effort to utilize public health principles to affect change for those whose lives are impacted by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). We invite you to join us in a national multidisciplinary public health approach to CHD throughout the life span. Access the About the Consortium page to learn more about our history, leadership, and structure.

The CHPHC is a group of organizations uniting resources and efforts in public health activities. The mission of the CHPHC is to prevent congenital heart defects and improve outcomes for affected children and adults. The consortium achieves its mission by providing leadership and a unified voice for public health priorities, expanding opportunities for surveillance and public health research and informing public policy priorities that benefit public health and affected persons.
The CHPHC represents various organizations across federal, state and communities, as well as patient/family, clinical, and research voices. We are pooling together our shared interests, unique expertise, and experience to utilize the public health model to address CHD issues across the lifespan.
Why a public health approach to congenital heart disease?
The occurrence of congenital heart disease has traditionally been viewed by health care providers and policy makers as a health issue that affects individuals and families. As the most common birth defect, the CHPHC views congenital heart disease as an issue that also impacts the health of the population as a whole. The CHPHC utilizes the following public health strategies to address congenital heart disease as a public health issue: 
  • Increase national awareness about congenital heart disease
  • Enhance surveillance by monitoring CHD throughout the lifespan
  • Identify potential causes and potential prevention strategies of congenital heart disease through research
  • Use research and data to inform and influence public policy and public health interventions
  • Assess the needs of patients and families regarding chronic disease management, condition-specific treatment, and age-appropriate preventive care through the lifespan

 Upcoming Events

CHPHC Annual Membership Meeting
CHPHC In-person Steering Committe Meeting (Cont'd)
CHPHC In-person Steering Committe Meeting
Lifelong Care Workgroup Monthly Call
CHPHC Steering Committee Call

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To share your thoughts, ask a question, request more information, or to share news about an upcoming event or new publication, please contact us at If you would like to learn more about getting involved with the CHPHC, please visit the Get Involved page.


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